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Det Fedtede Hjørne


Det Fedtede Hjørne
Closed until April 2021

Det Fedtede Hjørne is not just another streetfood place.
In today’s fast-paced world of online ordering and easy food deliveries, Det Fedtede Hjørne want to do things differently. Det Fedtede Hjørne is all about bringing our atmosphere to you. No matter if you're looking for great food, a cold drink to end the day or just a cozy place to hang out - Det Fedtede Hjørne (The Greasy Corner) in Hornbæk has it all. So go ahead and follow Det Fedtede Hjørne on Instagram and Facebook for real-time location updates. We’ve been serving the greater Hornbæk area since 2018, so if you’re around, come say hi. See you soon!

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Food on Wheels

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to enjoy a meal without feeling rushed. That’s where Det Fedtede Hjørne comes in. Catch us at one of our locations in Hornbæk and experience what great food on-the-go tastes like.


Food Fusion

Food Fusion is one of the hottest corners in town - bringing the Carribean feeling to Hornbæk. Our container is parked there all day long on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Check our schedule and preview our menu online. Our specials are seasonal, so stop by Det Fedtede Hjørne for a fresh wrap, rice dishes, vegan alternatives and a taste of Jamaica.

+45 71 49 38 47

Labambar Tacos

TACOS, TACOS and more Tacos! If you’re in the area, stop by Labambar, for a homemade streetfood taste of Mexico - all made with love for food and the Mexican kitchen, and a lot of guacamole. See you soon!

+45 41 11 26 26

Hornbæk Burger

There are lots of food trucks to choose from at Det Fedtede Hjørne, but there’s only one Hornbæk Burger, the place where it all began. Only the best beef from cattle raised with a focus on animal welfare, our own burger bun from the local bakery "Bagt". We love that you’re browsing our site, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to come and say hi in person. We’re waiting for you!

+45 50 29 21 02


Our container chef Bobby has brought amazing traditional food recipes all the way from Nepal. Recipes dating back to his grandma's good old butter chicken. 

Ready for a small culinary trip around the world? Check our schedule and preview our menu online or stop by Det Fedtede Hjørne for a fresh and tasty bite of Everest.

+45 26 84 44 55

Labambar Pasta

The new kid on the block!
Labambar Pasta sets the bar high with its own take on the authentic Italian recipes. Many years inspiration has led to pasta dishes that combines great taste with quality - almost like being in Italy yourself!

+45 50 20 84 62


Fish & Chips, fish cakes or deep fried shrimps? Hornfisken treats you with the best of the ocean. Hornfisken offer crispy delicacies Fish & Chips made from cod in a tempura batter, Crispy shrimps with a sweet chili sauce and lemon, Fish cakes made from cod fish and our crispy fries. Menus are served with a touch of green, fresh lemon and a dip. We offer original Tartar sauce with tarragon, Traditional Danish Remoulade with capers or a Chili Mayo.

+45 91 71 75 22 

We look forward to feeding you at one of our stops.

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Opening Hours

Det Fedtede Hjørne


Monday-Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Monday-Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Det Fedtede Hjørne

Øresundsvej 2A, 3100 Hornbæk, Denmark
Det Fedtede Hjørne

Smiling in a Food Truck

Øresundsvej 2A, 3100 Hornbæk, Denmark
Det Fedtede Hjørne

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